Neopolitan Podcasts

Neopolitan podcast episode 92

July 17, 2022

We are back with a brand new episode. This week we talk about doing Grove 34 studio's cool Podcast with strangers and getting caught in a rain storm, My hero academias Ultra rumble trailer, Netflix's live action Yu yu Hakusho adaptation, the passing of Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi, Echiro Oda' message to hype up One Pieces final arc, God of war Ragnarok gets a release date of November 9th, Minions rise of gruu chaos, Elon Musk chaos, Hotdog eating champion Joey Chestnut puts a protester in a choke hold and goes on to win and set a new record for the hotdog eating contest, Our review of Thor love and thunder, and so much moreĀ 

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